Proper collection, processing, and transport of specimens are vital to ensure specimen integrity for laboratory testing. Specific specimen requirements are listed under each test in the Test Listing sections. To avoid delays in testing/diagnosis and to prevent potential specimen rejection, be sure to follow these requirements when collecting a particular specimen. Upon receipt of a specimen, the condition of each sample will be assessed by laboratory personnel using specific guidelines to identify improper or inadequate specimens that offer the possibility of inaccurate results. Any sample that does not meet the acceptance criteria will be deemed suboptimal. All suboptimal specimens shall be evaluated by the Department of Quality Assurance & Quality Control. 

Note:  Specimens collected >72 hrs after onset of symptoms are unsuitable for testing unless properly stored and noted                 on the requisition form . 

Note:  If samples will beshipped to the lab >3 days from collection or on a Fridaybut are collected within 72 hrs of                            symptoms, they should be frozen at < - 20ºC prior to shipping and preferably shipped with ice packs on Monday.

Physicians can request kits by filling out the required boxes on the right. A response will be emailed back within 1-2 business days.

Acceptance Criteria:

Requested test is performed at Genex Laboratory PC.
Sample is received in good condition and in the appropriate collection media/kit.
Patient identifiers on sample match patient identifiers on the requisition form.
Sample has been collected according to guidelines provided on the instruction sheet.
Sample is labeled with at least two patient identifiers.
Sample is of sufficient volume.
There is sufficient DNA following the extraction process for the test(s) to be performed.

Sub-Optimal Specimen Conditions:

Samples that meet the acceptance criteria but are deemed to be suboptimal may continue to be processed. As suboptimal sample conditions may impact test performance, a report will be sent to the referring health care provider detailing the suboptimal specimen condition(s). In the event that corrective action is possible, the referring health care provider may be contacted by our client services for additional information/instruction.

Examples of sub-optimal samples are:

  • Tests requested are not appropriate for the specimen type received.
  • Sample is received in an inappropriate collection/transport vial.
  • Specimen is not received at the proper temperature.
  • Sample is not labeled with at least two patient identifiers.
  • Sample is of insufficient volume.

Specimen Guidelines

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