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GeneX Laboratory PC Molecular Genetics & Diagnostics

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Coming Soon... Infectious disease testing (BV, CV, STD, GBS, and HSV1/HSV2).

Enhancing Healthcare through Modern Testing

GeneX laboratory PC strives to provide easy access and pain-free test ordering for physicians and billing for patients. Medically necessary genetic testing is commonly covered by Medicare and most major insurers.

Clinical News...

At GeneX Laboratory PC we provide comprehensive testing services to assist clinicians in providing the most individualized therapy possible.

Utilizing cutting edge molecular technologies, our tests provides pathogen specific detection with rapid output testing using 1 sample, 1 test, Multiple Results for effective treatment within 12-24hrs - Maximizing Efficacy and patient care .

GeneX LPC offers medical practices multiple panels, enabling diagnosis of respiratory, intestinal and genito-urinary infections; each panel; tests for a number of pathogens frequently implicated in these diseases.

GeneX makes every effort to ensure that all patients will have access to the most highly specialised and innovative techniques for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment management.

The molecular diagnostic approach is a revolutionary method in the management of infectious diseases and hence a breakthrough in the world of medicine . Earlier and more rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases makes it possible to plan appropriate anti-infective treatment from the outset, thus helping limit the effects of excessive use of antibiotics (morbidity resistance, etc.). The development of this approach will have both medical and socioeconomic benefits.

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