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GeneX Laboratory PC Molecular Genetics & Diagnostics

About Us


​Based in the United States, and located in Irvine, California, GeneX laboratory PC  specializes in molecular diagnostics testing using the most advanced molecular methods and technology in order to provide innovative and reliable test results for improved diagnosis of infectious diseases. Our laboratory operates as an independent, high complexity, CAP-accredited clinical laboratory providing advanced multiplex molecular diagnostic services to assist healthcare providers in the simultaneous detection of bacteria, viruses, parasites, candida and antibiotic resistance; related to infectious diseases – providing same-day results and single-sample collection.


Our vision is to develop and present a set of novel molecular testing panels that can provide more accurate and reliable reports to our physicians to enhance patient care and outcomes.​

Certified and accredited by the College of American pathologists and Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute , this laboratory  is able to offer a new diagnostic approach using panels of tests for specific conditions. We are able to offer medical practices various infectious panels, enabling  the detection and diagnoses of many infectious diseases, such as, respiratory, gastrointestinal and genito-urinary infections; each panel, tests for a number of pathogens frequently implicated in these diseases.

Compared to old methods such as culture, each specific system-based approached panel, combined with the most innovative technology,
has many advantages such as:
- Simultaneous detection and identification of multiple pathogens at the same time (viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc).
- Much higher sensitivity and specificity levels
- One single sample, multiple results
- Rapid turnaround time